On Saturday October 1st, The PC Alberta Leadership Race 2017 will kick-off in Lethbridge, Alberta. To launch this important race, we are having a special event at the Coast Lethbridge Hotel & Conference Centre. Come out that evening to learn more about the race and meet potential leadership candidates and PC Alberta and PCYA (Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta) executive.

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This leadership race will be an important opportunity for the party to attract more young members as all 87 constituency associations will have the opportunity to elect at least three youth delegates to send to the leadership convention. At the kick-off on Oct. 1, we are going to proudly showcase the PCYA and the transformation it has undergone over the years.

You help us by:

1) Sending in any PCYA photos you have taken over the years either at fundraisers, constituency association or AGM events and general events. Please email: vp.south@pcyouthofalberta.com
2) Recommending music suggestions that feature the eras of PCYA (it started in the early 1950s). Please email: vp.south@pcyouthofalberta.com