Dear friends,

Earlier today, your Board of Directors met in Calgary to begin the process of selecting a permanent leader. I was excited by the conversation around the table and the passion of your Board members, as they worked diligently to find the most appropriate time for this important race. Guided by the will of our constituencies, we agreed that the election of a permanent leader will be held next Spring, before April 30, 2017. This timing will ensure our constituencies have the support they need as we shift to a delegated election and ensure that a Fall Policy Convention can proceed as scheduled. The election of a permanent leader is a critical step forward as we seek to regain the trust of Albertans. This is a unique and important opportunity for you to shape the future of the party and I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming race.

The Board also appointed a Leadership Election Committee which will iron-out a final date and other details. They will report back on June 30 with a specific date that then needs to be ratified by the PC Board. The committee will be primarily responsible for ensuring an open, transparent and fair process for all candidates. Furthermore, the Board also agreed to strike a Leadership Convention and Debates Sub-Committee. This group will be responsible for organizing debates, events and activities associated with the convention itself.

The Leadership Election Committee will include the following individuals:

  • Chair – Katherine O’Neill
  • Chief Returning Officer – PENDING
  • Senior Advisor – Dave Hancock, Q.C.
  • Caucus Liaison – Richard Gotfried
  • Board Liaison – Patricia Wickstrom
  • Candidate Liaison – Karam-Ali Talakshi
  • Constituency Association Liaison – Kerry Doyle-Midler
  • Executive Director – Troy Wason
  • Youth Representative – Jessica Mitchell
  • Youth Representative – Cole Harbin
  • Communications Designate – PENDING

The Delegate Convention & Debates Subcommittee will included the following individuals:

  • Co-Chairs: Cynthia Williams and Krista Balsom
  • Youth Co-Chairs: Kyle Hoyda and Emily Gilroy

These committees have a great deal of work ahead of them and I invite you to pitch-in and become more involved with the process. Please refer back to our website in the future for more information, including the bios of the committee members.

Kind Regards,

Katherine O’Neill