Leadership Forum Live Stream For Viewing

November 8, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Leadership Forum on Saturday evening in Red Deer. We had over 1,000 members in attendance and it was a fantastic evening. For those of you who missed the forum, it is available for viewing on our Facebook page and through the link below:


We look forward to seeing everyone in Fort McMurray at the upcoming Leadership Townhall.

Red Deer Leadership Forum

October 27, 2016

Come and hear the candidates outline their vision for the future of the party and for Alberta. The first leadership forum is happening on Saturday, November 5, from 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Red Deer Sheraton.

Tickets are only $40 and can be purchased through the link below.

Purchase Your Tickets Today

This is your opportunity to meet and hear the candidates tell how they would shape Alberta’s future. Hear their ideas on:

Fiscal Responsibility
Rural Issues
Registrants will be provided with a tax receipt as the event is a fundraiser in support of PC Alberta.

We hope to see you there.

Please Note: Delegates, observers and those with social packages already have tickets to this event included in their conference ticket. These tickets are for PCAA members who are not attending the Policy Conference and the general public.

The 265 Project

October 7, 2016

At the 2017 Leadership kick-off event in Lethbridge this past weekend, PC President Katherine O’Neill and executive members of the Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta – PCYA launched the 265 project.


The 265 Project is a joint initiative between PC Alberta and Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta (PCYA). The goal is to ensure all 265 elected delegate positions set aside for youth PC members are filled heading into the leadership convention on March 18, 2017 in Calgary. Our team will work closely with all 87 constituency associations and the two campus clubs to achieve this goal and attract more youth to the party. Youth delegate spots are available to PC members between 14-26 years old. Delegate conventions are currently rare in Canadian politics. The last time the PC Party held a delegate convention to elect our leader was in 1985. Before that, you have to go back to 1965 when about 400 PC delegates gathered in Edmonton to elect Peter Lougheed.


The 265 Project is headed up by PC President Katherine O’Neill, PCYA executives Sonia Kont and Emily Gilroy and a team of volunteers.


Watch out for the 265 Project information nights in your community and online at www.pcalberta.org. We will provide youth with details about PC Alberta and how they can become an elected youth delegate at the leadership convention next March. Our team will also help constituency associations attract more youth. There has never been a more exciting time to get involved with PC Alberta. There is much to do, and the party and province needs your help and enthusiasm!

Leadership Election Rules

August 28, 2016

Yesterday afternoon the Board of Directors met in Red Deer to approve the rules for the upcoming leadership election. They were formed by the Leadership Election Committee (LEC) who was tasked with ensuring a fair, open, honest and transparent process for all candidates.

With the rules now finalized, the Progressive Conservative Leadership Election is set to begin on October 1, 2016 with the official opening of nominations. Based on feedback from our membership to allow more time for the delegate selection meetings to occur and to allow candidates increased time to campaign, it was decided to shorten the nomination period and close candidate nominations on November 10, 2016.

I’m pleased with the work of the LEC and am confident that the approved rules will ensure a fair election for all candidates. We’re looking forward to a dynamic time in our party. The next six months are an opportunity to get Albertans engaged and excited about our province’s future. Reach out to your friends, your neighbours and get them engaged at every level.

In particular, the board agreed on the following:

  1. Each constituency association will elect 15 delegates on a single ballot, which will be allotted as follows:
    • Five of these must be members of the board of the constituency association (One youth and four non-youth).
    • Ten must be members in good standing of the constituency association (Two youth and eight non-youth).
  2. The entry requirements for candidates will include:
    • A $30,000 non-refundable candidate administration fee; and a $20,000 compliance bond;
    • 500 signatures from PCAA members, with 100 from each region (North, South, Central, Calgary, Edmonton); and
    • A disclosure report by each candidate of all pre-writ expenses and donations related to their leadership campaign.

These new rules along with the existing entry requirements will ensure a fair election for all candidates. This leadership is a unique opportunity for all members to help shape the future of the party.

Please check for the complete updated rules, which will be uploaded to our dedicated leadership election microsite in the coming days.

I’m proud to be a Progressive Conservative, and I look forward to all that is to come.


Katherine O’Neill
President, PC Alberta

Progressive Conservatives to Vote for New Leader March 18th.

July 1, 2016

The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) will vote to elect a permanent leader on March 18th, 2017 in Calgary.

“Albertans have told us that our party needs to change and we have heard that message loud and clear. This leadership race will be an important step forward as we seek to regain the trust of Albertans,” PCAA President Katherine O’Neill said today after the party’s board voted to approve the leadership race details. “The election of a new leader will demonstrate that we are an open and transparent party. I invite all Albertans to participate in the process and take advantage of this unique opportunity to shape the future of the party.”

There will also be two leadership debates – the first in Red Deer at the 2016 Fall Policy Conference on November 5-6, and the second in Edmonton in early 2017. Leadership town hall meetings will also be held in Fort McMurray and Lethbridge, with other future venues to be determined.

The election will formally begin on October 1, 2016, with nominations closing on January 9, 2017. For details on preliminary entry requirements, all interested individuals are encouraged to visit the website at http://leadership.pcalberta.com/ for details and updated information. The entire list of candidate entry requirements and the delegate selection process rules will be drafted over the summer and approved by the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta board early this fall.

As a key component of the party’s commitment to change, the election of a permanent leader will occur through a delegated convention. Delegates will be elected at the local level, who will gather in Calgary on March 18 and in turn vote for the next leader of the party.